White Country Kitchen at Kota Harmoni, Shah Alam

10:00 AM

Today I'm bringing a slightly different kitchen concept from the previous post. Homeowners who fancy classic design surely will love to read today's post which is about a Rustic Country kitchen that we are in the process of production.

As opposed to a Sleek Linear concept, a Rustic Country Style utilises pretty and antique looking brass kitchen cabinet door handles as part of the detailing.

Pn. Nik Kartini, the owner has chosen soft white as the main colour for her kitchen. Therefore, our interior designer has proposed a soft white country kitchen to her. This solid oak set is using Bello profile doors, with Silver White staining effect.

Worktop is made of high-quality Silestone - Gris Expo

 Peninsula dividing two areas of the kitchen are made of  Silestone - Arctic White 

A touch of  rustic charm using raw white bricks on the dry kitchen wall 

Kitchen cabinets are using imported solid oak doors, Bello profile, silver white stain effect
Fadzli - Meridian Interior Design, Sales Designer

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