Flamboyant Kitchen at Bandar Bukit Raja, Klang, Selangor

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Thank you Mr. Mohd Rizal Rizuwan and wife for allowing us to shoot his whole house interior and credit goes to Elisha, Team Manager who designed this two concepts kitchen; A Modern Rustic Kitchen.  

Snow White High Gloss Kitchen Cabinets by Signature Kitchen

Midnight Galaxia worktop made of Montelli

Two koda shelves mounted on Glasskote designed as decorative shelve

White full height kitchen cabinets for maximum storage capacity 

Rustic Country feature cabinets 

Magic Glass by Signature Kitchen compliments the dark Glasskote

Kitchen Highlights

Bachmann Socket Tower installed in this Montelli worktop at the Rustic Country Kitchen area

Eubiq Power Track mounted on Glasskote and highlighted by LED downlights

The Designer

Team Manager, Elishia
Mr. Rizal is actually a very special customer to us, not only his special taste in combining two concepts for his kitchen. He also designed the other living spaces in his interior.

From Left: Mr. Rizal, Wife and Elishia (designer)

The dining area with special ceiling design and shining decors are by the owner himself

Dining area facing to the family area

Family area, lines TV panel design are designed by Mr. Rizal himself


"Meridian's pricing was slightly beyond average but I believe good thing don't come cheap.

 I have selected Meridian because of the quality of the product, branding and after sales service. 

With my previous contractors, I am more involved in the project and take more time in terms of supervision and arrangement comparing to Meridian's contractors. 

Yes, Meridian did help me and I love my new kitchen. It looks awesomely nice! 

Definitely, would recommend Meridian to my friends and family because good things are meant to share around. 

Sum it all, Meridian is Fantastic."

Mohd Rizal Rizuwan
MRR Trading Enterprise

New website: www.meridiandesign.my

Old website: www.meridiandesign.com.my

Old blog: meridiandesign.blogspot.my

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