Design for USJ Subang Height Kitchen, Selangor

10:00 AM

Appreciation goes to Mr. Edward Tong, the house owner of this time project, located at Subang Heights, Selangor. Also not to forget, our Team Manager, Elishia who has put lots of efforts to make this kitchen project is a dream come true for Mr. Edward.

Useful Tips : To avoid circles of super-bright light, consider a pendant with a light diffuser, or use semi-opaque bulbs. A pendant with a dimmer switch is the perfect mood-setter.

Sleek Linear kitchen concept - Dry kitchen area

The clean lines of the kitchen design represents the concept very well; High Gloss white kitchen cabinets, peninsular and counter 

An exit door located at the end of the kitchen allowing access to the back of the house - Wet kitchen area

LED lights is commonly used in our design because it will enhance the beauty of the kitchen design. The lights from the LED lights under the kitchen cabinets complement the beauty of Silestone counter top as well function to brighten up the area while the owner is making use of the space.

Total cost of this kitchen: MYR 108,667.00

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