Bungalow Kitchen Design at Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

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Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design  - Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

Designed by Interior Designer Diyana, this job was recently completed and handed over.

Modern & Sleek Linear Kitchen Design
Handleless kitchen cabinets represent the Sleek Linear concept

Front view of kitchen Island - Special two levels Island designed by Team Manager cum Interior Designer, Nur Diyana

Kitchen view from side angle facing outward to the foyer, home entrance

Top view of the Island

These island worktops are made of Silestone. This material is my first recommended materials for every kitchen owner, comes with a slightly high price, this material is totally a worth paying product as it is come it is a high-quality stone and comes with many advantages such as heat resistance, acid resistance, anti scratch, anti bacteria and more...


Ariston Hood and Hob

Ariston Wine Chiller

Modern Foyer Decor by Meridian Interior Design

Carpentry work by Meridian Interior Design, Modern Foyer complete with LED downlights for exclusive home entrance look

Aventos lift-up hinges are supported by Blum System, Imported from Austria, Europe.

Built-in Tall Larder is made for easy storage purpose

Eubiq Power Track
This kitchen gadget is very highly requested among my customer, it is not just user-friendly but also a child-proof product. Enabling sockets to move on the track, this track is the contradict of the common stiff power plug.
Bronze Magic Glass by Signature Kitchen Brand

A signature product from Signature Kitchen - Magic Glass. Many have wondered why it is named that way... the product gets its name from the ability to "hide and show" what's behind it. Having the same concept as tinted glass that you can see on many cars, this Magic Glass by Signature Kitchen can "hide" the inside view of kitchen cabinets. However, when the inner lights are switched on, it will "show" what's behind the glass.

Premium Quality kitchen cabinets are made by Signature Kitchen  

Team Manager cum Interior Designer, Nur Diyana with Mr. Danan, owner of this Modern Sleek Linear kitchen 


“Meridian pricing is fair and reasonable compared to other IDs but more importantly, they have an experienced team who are committed to exceeding the client’s expectations.

I met Nur Diyana by chance at a recent Homedec exposition and was immediately comfortable with her knowledge of modern kitchen designs and her awareness of the requirements of my recently renovated bungalow.

 Meridians after sales service are outstanding. Attending to minor readjustments and responding to my queries in a timely fashion place them in a league above other contractors I have dealt with.

Meridian delivered a modern customized kitchen unit as I had visualized perfectly.

Yes, I would definitely recommend Meridian. The designers have a sound grasp of what makes an outstanding kitchen matching the design with the overall concept of the renovation. The team are friendly and open to constructive criticism pay attention to small details and are prompt in their delivery of the finished product

In one word...Dopamine!   (The hormone that induces waves of pleasure in the brain)”

Mr Danan
April 2016

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