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Tips and Ideas for Making Your Kitchen Beautiful and Functional 

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1. Recognize Your Kitchen Size and Shape

This is the first step before you can start on making any big decision for your kitchen decor.

Each kitchen has a different shape and size and it is essential for you to recognize it, in order to determine the capacity it allows for décor ! (we don’t want to over crowd the space with too many décor)
Modern Luxury Kitchen by Meridian Interior Design. Click here to contact us

2. Kitchen Colour Scheme 
Once you have recognized your kitchen space and structure, you can proceed in choosing the colour scheme that suits your kitchen.

Light colour scheme works best for small kitchen as it will brighten the space and create an illusion of a bigger space!

3. Identify  Your Kitchen Concept

Rustic Country display cabinets decorated with Country design dinnerware and tea sets. 
This is to determine which decorations can complement back your kitchen design.

For example: If your kitchen is modern, you can’t select décor from the rustic country concept (cornice, modern English flowery pots and décor) as it will create a clash of concept and makes your kitchen looks terrible.

To be safe, always stay on one concept.

4. Create a Sense of Living
Kitchen is the heart of every home, it’s where the mum prepares meal for the family and its where family comes together. Thus, It is necessary to create an ambience that can fit living activities.

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Small potted plants are one of best décor items that can add a sense of living into your kitchen space, it need little space and create a cosy feels into space. But keep in mind, too much of greenery in your kitchen might overcrowd the space, it’s a kitchen not a garden!

5. Use the Empty Corner Space
If you have a very limited space for decorations, you can always make use those empty corner or wall on your kitchen for a little touch of your art.

Corner shelves can easily be install on your empty corner wall to create a space for decorations or light storage.
Two Koda Shelves designed mounted on Glossy Subway Tiles to create space for decor

6. Windows can do wonders

Modern Island by Meridian Interior Design. Click here to contact us
Yes, if a space gets more natural light, it will instantly appear bigger than it actually is, so it is always a good choice to add windows in a small kitchen. The bigger they are the better, so do not hesitate to add some if possible.

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