Top 6 Tips For Chinese New Year 2016 Home Decorations Ideas

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Chinese New Year 2016 Decoration Ideas and Tips For Your Home

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2016 is The Year of Monkey - But that doesn't mean that we need to decorate the home full of monkey! Sometimes, playing with the right decorations, symbols and colours are just enough to bring out the Chinese New Year vibe.  

Like in every year, when CNY is around the corner, first thing in every homeowners mind are, how are we going to decorate the house and what are the right decorations to pick? - We don't want this year CNY to be the same as last year because every year is different with different new luck. 

Here are Top 6 Tips For Your Chinese New Year Home Decorations Ideas that can answer your BIG question:

1. Spring Clean Your Home 
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Old Chinese believes that throwing away old things means you swiping away all the bad luck and brings in the new good luck into the house. So, first rules first, get rid those unnecessary things, broken lamp, tore cushion, old furniture and etc.

2. Brighten Your Entrance
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The entry and the front door of your home represent your face to the world, how the world sees you and how easily opportunities can come to you. Start out the year of the monkey with your best face on.

Make sure you have a bright and energy-saving light bulb illuminating the way, check to make sure that your door bell works, add some plants and clean up and de-clutter your entry.  

3. RED Brings LUCK
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Red is a typically blessed colour among Chinese, symbolizing happiness, healthy and wealthy. In case you do not want to have a festive furnishing, you can play a mix-and-match game. White matches perfectly with red. It can be the dominant color while the red color acts as filler for the elements in the dining area. 

4. Choosing The Right Accessories
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Too many accessories will certainly take away the focal point - therefore, do it moderately to maintain the powerful visual impact. For some people, the accessories are meant to take care of the Feng Shui as what the most Chinese believes to bring a new good year.

5. Potted Flowers and Plants
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Adding the potted plant is always one of the greatest and most wonderful ideas. It is as warm and joyous as the festive.  Peach blossom is supposed to be a standard decoration for the Chinese New Year. It resembles longevity in the authentic culture. Others, such as bamboo, plum, pine and so on, could be the alternatives too.

6. Table Setting and Chinese Snacks
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If you have a coffee table or the dining table is quite near to the living room, it is the right timing to decorate the table. Do put a tray of candied fruit or a plate of mandarin oranges. Besides, it could entertain the coming guests too.

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