Home Decor Tips for Hari Raya 2016

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Useful Tips for your Hari Raya Home Decor 

It has been a week now since all my Muslim friends and customers start a month of abstinence training and reflection during the month of Ramadan in the Islamic lunar calendar. Three weeks from now, the big celebration of Eid 2016 will be happening and I'm sure a week before that, everyone will be busy preparing for it!

Like previous years, home decor plays a major role in creating the Hari Raya mood when your family, friends or colleagues pay a visit to your home, sharing the joys and enjoy a variety of delicious Malay foods such as Rendang Ayam, ketupat, lemang and much more.

Here are some useful tips on how to decorate your home for this Raya....

1. Light it up!
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Image credit Google
Image credit Google

What is Hari Raya celebration without lights? Homes and Shopping malls are usually colorfully decked out with fairy lights during these occasions. They can be easily brought from places like Ikea and are inexpensive and easy to install. Apart from this, there is also bamboo torch of various heights and sizes which can be found in shopping malls or even Masjid India.

2. DIY ketupat 
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This famous symbol of Hari Raya is commonly used as decorations icon everywhere, you can easily see it on the streets, malls, restaurant and more. Furthermore, the cost to do it is not expensive and once you get the hang of how to craft it, it can be fun ! You can choose from simple coloured ribbons or for more natural and real look can go for the coconut leaf.

3. Mirror .. mirror ..on the wall

Image credit Pinterest
Image credit Pinterest

Adding a decorative mirror on the wall instantly brightens up and makes your place look more spacious. You can also use a full-length mirror as the table centerpiece and set vases of various heights and forms on top of the mirror. This sure will make an interesting conversation piece

4. New Curtains
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Image credit Pinterest

Most moms love this.. changing for a new curtain can give a fresher feelings, thus elevating the Hari Raya vibe into the living room. This can be more time-saving rather than be painting a new colour for your walls. 

5. Re-position for space

Now, this is important because as we all know, during Eid the house can be a crowded place, peoples come and goes inside the house. Organize your table, furniture, chairs accordingly and take away all those unnecessary old items! make space for easy access and avoids any harm to small kids or babies. 

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