Modern Kitchen Design, Casa Green Cheras, Kuala Lumpur

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Designing a great kitchen require a lot of time and effort, credit goes to our designer, Naomi for creating this white modern and functional kitchen for Ms. Foo Cheoi Ying and husband. 

A single island is designed as the main focal point in this Dry Kitchen
For a medium kitchen layout, it is essential to measure every inch of the space in order to plan and design a fully utilize space usage.

Here are some tips for a condo size kitchen:

1. Get your layout plan ready

  • This is the first step before you can proceed with any other decision. Know your space and kitchen shape!

2. Justify between what you want and what you need

  • Common problems amongst customer are they can't decide what they actually need in their kitchen. For example, customers with a big family will need more storage units comparing to single parents. 
  • Consult with your designer on this, get their advice to avoid wasted space! 

3. Open it up with white

  • Yes, bright colours like white will give an illusion of a bigger space in the kitchen room. 
  • Not to mention, the sufficient amount of lights for a dramatic effect. 
4. Built-in Appliances
  • Not just modern looking, but built-in appliances also is a space saving appliances!
5. Small Island is enough
  • Sometimes, less is more. Having a small island inside your dry kitchen won't consume much space, giving a practical kitchen for you to use!

Close up of Island countertop, made of Silestone.
Glass sliding door separated Dry kitchen from Wet kitchen
Dry kitchen perspective. 
 Wet Kitchen

Matt Snow White Kitchen Cabinets

Wet kitchen Sleek Linear design by Signature Kitchen

Eubiq power track design under wet kitchen wall units. Full height wall units for maximum storage.


Built-in Ariston Microwave and Oven

Innovative power supply by Eubiq Power Track

Premium Inner drawer by Signature Kitchen brand
Ariston hood and two stove gas hob 
Top mount Sink and Tap

From right: Naomi (Designer), Ms. Foo Cheoi Ying and husband


“For me, Meridian pricing is quite reasonable in term of quality of the product, installation & services provided.

After few hours of survey at the Exhibition Expo, we found that we like Meridian design and kitchen concept.

Meridian sales representative, Ms. Naomi is very responsive to our request during consultation.

Meridian service definitely helps me and I gain benefit from it.

I would highly recommend Meridian to my friends and family because of the quality, design and concept of the kitchen is satisfying.

One word Meridian is Good.”

Foo Cheoi Ying
August 2016

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