A Twist of Modern and Cultural Home Design

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KL Interior Design for A Modern Home 2016

First and foremost, we would like to record a big thank you to our clients, Ms. Julie Wong and husband for allowing us to shoot their beautiful Modern Home Design.

Family Area

Modern Design Living Area 

Exclusive TV panel design is an artwork of Meridian Interior Design carpenter
Decors and soft furniture are owners' selection 

A family area will lose the homely feel without the right mood setting. Looking at Ms. Julie's living space, she has chosen earth tone colours to create a cozy, warm and comfortable surrounding for her family.

Adding mustard coloured cushions amongst the other patterned cushions create pop-out illusions and vibrance into the area. 

Giant ceiling pendant is about making a statement 
Ms. Julie's double volume ceiling is filled in elegantly with this flowy pendant arrangement by our site supervisor, Ilham. Attached to the ceiling piece by piece, this family area will absolutely brighten up with this giant masterpiece.

Dry Kitchen 

Concept: Sleek Linear
Materials: Acrylic Kitchen Cabinets and Imported Silestone Worktop 

Sleek Linear Kitchen by Signature Kitchen Brand

Open shelf wine rack designed hung on top of two levels peninsula 

A Twist of Modern and Cultural Kitchen concept

Dining Area

Modern dining area

Bronze glass partition separates the dining area from the kitchen


Built-in Ariston Oven and Gorenje Microwave
Signature Kitchen Magic Glass (internal lights on)
Signature Kitchen Magic Glass (internal lights off)

Modern Ceramic Hob by Franke 
Premium material with soft closing kitchen cabinets is by Signature Kitchen Brand

Dining table decor by Meridian and homeowner

Sweet memories 

 Last photos before we ended the photo shoot. It is a satisfaction for us to provide a good service to our customers and meet their expectations. This is not just another completed project but as well a satisfaction for us to see our customer happy when we handed over the project. Credits to Aliaa (left), our Team Manager for doing a good job for Ms. Julie's (right) Modern Home.  


First and foremost, it’s a pleasure to be given the opportunity to write this testimonial, thank you Lola for the guidelines, and based on it I’ll try my best to come up with one.

Choosing Meridian was no coincidence, but having the opportunity to meet Aliaa is something that we are very happy about.  Still recall the time I was going through the websites put up by so many ID companies and the list was endless.  Then decided to shortlist them by searching just Klang Valley, and Meridian was one of those on that page.  I still feel lucky to have clicked on it and was going through the portfolios, as well as the testimonials from previous clients of Meridian.

I have to agree with them, that Meridian is not the cheapest in the market, but then after the journey with them, their price is justified, which I’ll go into more detail later.  I’ve seen their portfolio and realized one of the main thing which made them stood out is the finished pictures put up on site, which all the pictures are actual pictures on site, some even before and after, and not just 3D drawings.  I was impressed when I read about one of the client’s kitchen, and the pink color that another client really liked on Lola’s blog.  This made me even more interested to go check them out.

I still remembered clearly that Meridian’s showroom was in the midst of some upgrading, and we couldn’t find them after going 3 rounds on that route and decided to call them, and then realized that the signage Signature Kitchen is where Meridian is. 

That was just before the Hari Raya break, and I was most impressed when Aliaa turned up at my new place on the 3rd day of Hari Raya, even though it was Aliaa’s major holiday time, this was already a tick in my books for Meridian, so it was pretty much decided already who I really wanted to appoint as my ID, even though I met up with a number of other IDs.  In fact most of the quoted prices were way below compared to Meridian, but I felt that there were hidden charges here and there, unlike Meridian, the prices are what you see and what you get.  So the selection was set with our first payment.   In fact Lola said “hmm, I’ll send one of my seniors….”, and when I met Aliaa, hmm “senior?”, but this young “senior” really won us over!
With no doubt, I must compliment Aliaa on the effort and time taken to listen to what we wanted, and gave her advice where ever she felt that it’s a “no-no” (like the grandmother’s lights for the master bedroom), and a “yes” (for the grandmother’s light at the dining area), and the heart put in, even though she had so many things on hand, and not to mention the VOs we had here and there, kudos to Aliaa, for your patience.  Even though sometimes feedback is not immediate, but you never fail or disappoint, and nothing is ever left unattended.

And I believe, with every other contractors, there are bound to be challenges and misunderstandings along the way, which we have also experienced with some of Meridian’s contractors, even though at all times we made sure we tried our very best not have any direct contacts with them.   I would definitely say that most of them were really good, but with a few individuals who are rather self-centered and not very concerned about other people’s work.  I believe there’s a difference between “accidents” and “aloofness”, and also ‘not-so-true tales’ which are carried in between.  I guess everyone will have their side of the stories, with negative details being omitted on their sides.  But nevertheless, all turned out well in the end.

If there is only a word to describe Meridian, it’ll be “touch”.   Why touch? It’s the personal touch that made all of you stood out from the rest, I really appreciate all that Aliaa have done, sitting down numerous time to listen, to accommodate, to sort things out, even Ilham at site, and Deny who came in the evening, and most important of all not forgetting Mr. Lim and Lola, who did all the things in the background even though they never came up to take the credits.  We know, it’s never easy to be a “middle” person, but Aliaa has really given her best to make things work for us, and yes we’ll definitely recommend Meridian to our family and friends, and we must highlight to request for Aliaa, and Ilham, thank you to both of you, I didn’t forget the altar lights (wink, wink), and even the time Aliaa when your daughter was not well but you still came to site. 

Thank you once again for everything, but I hope this is not the end; I still look forward to future workings with the Meridian group.  Keep up the good work!”

Ms. Julie Wong 
June 2016

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