A Touch of Provincial Style

12:06 PM

Rustic Country Kitchen Design 

Designed by Aliaa Aqilah, Team Manager and Interior Designer of Meridian Interior Design Sdn Bhd

Classical handles on kitchen cabinets door flaunt the Rustic Country kitchen design well

A great kitchen design does not only what meet the eyes but must as well meet the whole purpose of having a kitchen, to cook !

The Sink and tap are designed in line with the kitchen hob and hood for a smooth working flow during cooking activity.

Not to mention, LED downlights are pretty amazing tools that will help to highlight kitchen features and brighten up kitchen space for a "wow" effect.

View from inside of cooking area
Kitchen space is as essential as the functionality of it. The wall attached Island is designed to maximise the kitchen space and shape. Also, enabling a wider walking space for easy movement around the kitchen.

Laundry Area
Located at the back of the kitchen, this laundry area is designed with simplicity. Arranging a four doors kitchen cabinets is enough for storage purpose.

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