How to Prevent Water Damage to Your Kitchen Cabinet

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Kitchen Care Tips: Prevent Water Damage to Your Kitchen Cabinet

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1. Every time after washing, WIPE DRY the (a) table top, (b) tap, (c) backsplash, (d) sink edge, (e) cabinet doors & (f) internal carcass.

2. DO NOT put a cloth or sponge near the tap or sink – this will collect dampness and later will seep into your kitchen cabinet.
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3. DO NOT keep a lot of things around your sink area. Water will gather at the base of these items, hampering your efforts to keep dry. Also, having so many things will hinder your views, preventing you from noticing the initial signs of water leakage from the tap.
4. DO REGULAR CHECKING under sink. IMMEDIATELY call your plumber when leakage happens. Use a container to collect the drips or turn off the water inlet while waiting for your plumber to come.

Practicing ALL of the above will prolong your kitchen cabinet life expectancy.

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