Contemporary Charm Kitchen Design

10:00 AM

This project is an ongoing project located at The Reed, Lake Fields, Sungai Besi, Selangor. Designed by our kitchen planner, Naomi.

Meridian Interior Design - Kitchen Planner, Naomi

The owner, Mr. Loo Chean Lin has requested for Contemporary Charm concept for his kitchen design.

This concept presents refreshing appeal in its subtle and clean lines, with charming accents such as obvious handles and door pulls.

Dry kitchen area

The soft white kitchen cabinets are made of modena season white. The elegance black and pure white breakfast counter are made of silestone arden blue volcano and dupont montelli artic white.

Interior design info: Silestone are highly recommended because it is:

1. Anti-bacteria
 - The surface is always safe and ready to use, you can invite family or friends to come over on the weekends to bake and simply roll a dough on it without any worries.

2. Heat resistance
 - Because it is a compressed stone, therefore it is more durable than concrete or solid surface.

3. Scratch resistence
  - Even in the next 5 years, your kitchen will still look nice. So you won't have to spend on the maintenance.

4. Dirt/Stains resistance
 - It is a wise spend when you can save more time in cleaning. Silestone won't absorb dirt even the smallest particles like curry powder or etc.

This is an open-kitchen concept - the kitchen area are connected to the dining area, which allowing guests, family or friends a view of what is happening at the kitchen.

Functional white high chair is used at the breakfast counter, this is to balance the seats with the counter level

Cost of this kitchen:

  • Kitchen Cabinet MYR 24,111.00
  • Accessories - Worktops MYR 10,617.00
  • Appliances MYR 3,705.00
Total cost: MYR 38,433.00

"To me, Meridian price is moderate but high side. The reason why I choose Meridian is because my friends recommended them to me. 

Meridian provides me with excellent service and they have good service support.

I surely will recommend Meridian to my friends and family because of their good service and workmanship.

Meridian is Excellent"

Loo Chean Lin
Sales Manager
Fluke Electronics

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