Design for Taming Mutiara, Kajang

10:00 AM

This modern kitchen is designed for Mr. Lim Yeng Seng, from Taming Mutiara, Kajang, Selangor. Meanwhile, the interior designer for this project is Nick.

Dry Kitchen Area

Kitchen cabinets are made of High Gloss doors, a combination of champagne and white colours, Cefiro profile, with L&C channel built-in aluminium handles.
a little bit of decorations inside the kitchen can never go wrong, as long as you are not using too much space for it  
An open shelf on the kitchen cabinets is useful to place decorations such as a cooking book, small flower pot and etc. 

View from the inside of dry kitchen area

Wet Kitchen Area

Same materials are used for the wet kitchen - High Gloss, Cefiro doors, colour graphite plus white.

Full view of the wet kitchen area

Meridian Interior Design- interior designer, Nick

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