Modern White Kitchen at Putrajaya

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Snow White High Gloss Sleek Linear Kitchen designed by Team Manager, Diyana.

3rd February 2016 - we went to do a photo shoot for this newly completed kitchen at Putrajaya.
Thanks to the owner, Dr. Sakti who was so kind and giving permission for us to shoot her beautiful enormous kitchen!

Kitchen front view -  a specially designed island with 3 open shelf and 6 doors high gloss cabinets 
Design Tips: Open shelves are made for a purpose, this is where decor items can be placed to complement the kitchen design. You may also use existence items as decor items, such as cooking books, small bowls and etc.  

View from the left side of the kitchen - from here you can see a glance of the owner washing machine, at the back of this kitchen is the laundry area and opposite of it is a small room for the maid
Black island countertop are made of high-quality Silestone (Negro Tebas)
Even the most expensive kitchen will look incomplete without the right decorations - this is when imagination can go wild, chose decor that can best suit your personality! 
Bright colour table runner contrasts the dark black Silestone countertop very well - always be brave to make a statement for your decorations style, don't be boring!

As a token of appreciation, we endow Dr, Sakti with this beautiful bouquet I bought from a florist shop near to our office at SS15 - even her kids love the flowers and ask if they can keep it there.
Built-in Kesseböhmer Tall Larder for foods and beverages storage
Two cabinets behind one door, the Kesseböhmer Tall Larder also known as Tandem offers a modern experience to the user as it used an intelligent pull-out technology.

The rear shelves are automatically drawn towards the user, creating an impressive overview of easily accessible supplies. Abundant storage space is even a feature exhibited by the door shelving.

Diyana showing how to open the Built-in Kesseböhmer Tall Larder
Inside left cabinet of this Kesseböhmer Tall Larder is a built-in Ariston 274L Integrated Fridge Freezer. As you can see from this photo, beneath of it there is an air ventilation to support air flows for the refrigerator.

2 doors built-in Ariston 274L Integrated Fridge Freezer 
This is the second unit, which is located near to the wet kitchen area and not attached to the Kesseböhmer Tall Larder.

What's special about Ariston 274L Integrated Fridge Freezer:
1. Total capacity: 274L
2. Fridge capacity: 217L
3. Freezer capacity: 57L
4. Super Cool/ Super Freezer allowing you to cool the cavities quickly
5. Frost Free
6. Open door signal
7. Accessories: Built-In Fresh box on shelf
8. Holiday mode: Use less power when your away

View from the right side of the kitchen - wet kitchen area
Here is where the heavy work will take place. Having the right appliances will not only lend you a hand while cooking but also a satisfaction.  

Dr. Sakti chose a complete kitchen appliance from Ariston including her built-in Oven, Microwave and Gas Hob and Hood to assist all her work in the kitchen.

Smeg CTA15X Classic Warming Drawer 
Smeg pull-out food warmer suitable for fitting directly beneath a 45cm compact “Classic” ovens. But in this case, Diyana designed it next to the oven, so the level will be consistent with the oven level. The purpose of her design is to make it easier for Dr. Sakti, as she won't need to bend too low to reach for the food warmer.

Built-in Ariston 60cm Integrated Dishwasher

What's good about Ariston 60cm Integrated Dishwasher :

1. Digital display.
2. 6 wash programs: Delicates, Eco, Normal, Rapid 35' and Soak. 
3. 14 place settings that can fit different sizes and type of plates and bowls.
4. Concealed heating elements.
5. Fold down prongs.
6. Noise level: 51dBa.
7. Overflow safety device.

Built-in Bachmann Compact Socket Tower 
Tips for using Bachmann: Simply press down to make Bachmann power plug go up and just plug in to start using.

Advantage of Bachmann Compact Socket Tower:

1. 3 socket outlets
2. Suitable for standard 79 mm hole
3. Quick and easy to install
4. Suitable for retrofitting
5. Nickel-plated, brushed aluminium
6. Classic design

What can I say is.. it is nice to meet the happy customer in person and help her to decorate her kitchen for our photo shoot. 

Another interesting project coming in by the end of this month, stay tuned to see it...

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