Open Kitchen Concept - The Reed, Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur

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Contemporary Charm - Open Space Kitchen 

If you still remember, this kitchen design was published before in my past article here (

However, in that article, I only showed you the 3D perspective as it were still in progress by that time.

Now, I'm very happy to share our handover project for Mr. Loo Chean Lin kitchen at The Reed, Sungai Besi.

Front view 

Side view - from right side
Close up of the dry kitchen 
One of Meridian Interior Design highlights, unique Volcanic surface Silestone Arden Blue, the premium table top from Europe. This colour and surface texture are top selling item for islands and peninsula.
Modena Season White Kitchen Cabinets 
A touch of rustic looks by featuring brick wall design

Child proof and user-friendly Eubiq power track 
Mr. Loo Chean Lin's choice of Dining Table - Great taste!

Our souvenir for Mr. Loo Chean Lin's wife - fresh flowers as table decor

Mixture of modern and exotic decorations placed on top of the dining area cabinets

Innovative and Modern - Built-in Bachmann Compact Socket Tower  
Advantage of Bachmann Compact Socket Tower:
1. 3 socket outlets
2. Suitable for standard 79 mm hole
3. Quick and easy to install
4. Suitable for retrofitting
5. Nickel-plated, brushed aluminium
6. Classic design

Left: Naomi posing with Mrs. Loo inside her beautiful kitchen


"To me, Meridian price is moderate but on the high side. The reason why I choose Meridian is because my friends recommended them to me. 

Meridian provides me with excellent service and they have good service support.

I surely will recommend Meridian to my friends and family because of their good service and workmanship.

Meridian is Excellent"

Loo Chean Lin
Sales Manager
Fluke Electronics
March 2016

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